What’s the environmental impact of a pouch over a can?
Our pouches take 75% less energy to produce, 25% less energy to fill, and are 10% lighter than cans. Compared to our “canned Cocktail brethren” our pouches have a carbon footprint that is 45-65% less. Depending on your specific area the pouches can be recycled!

What’s the alcohol by volume (ABV)?
All our pouches are 10% by volume – that’s on the low end of standard for mixed drinks (a Rum & Coke is 11.5, a Gin & Tonic averages 13.6%), less than wine (typically around 12%) and more than beer (typically around 4-8%). Always enjoy responsibly!

Wait, what’s ABV?
Alcohol by volume (ABV) is a metric used to determine the alcohol content in an alcoholic beverage. The measurement shows what percentage of the beverage’s total volume is pure alcohol.

What type of alcohol is in your drinks? And how much?
While many pre-made cocktails use malt beverage (remember Zima?) or wine, Pope’s only uses naturally distilled, spirits, each large pouch (375mL) is equivalent to 3.2 ounces, and each small one (200mL) is 1.6oz. For comparison, in our home state of Ohio, the standard bar pour is 1.5oz. Have we mentioned that you should enjoy responsibly? Because the lawyers really like for us to say that. A lot.

What brand is the alcohol you use?
We use the house spirits from our distillery partner, made for us, which lets us a) keep costs down and b) get just the right style to match with our other natural ingredients.

Wait, The Pope is Kosher?!?!
Of course – We are proudly certified Kosher! By the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America. This is a reflection not only of the purity and quality of our cocktails, it also highlights the cleanliness and quality of your distillery partner.

Is there a serving suggestion?
Our large pouch (375mL) is considered two cocktail servings, and the small pouch (200mL) is considered a single cocktail. And as always (say it with me) – enjoy

How many calories per serving?
Pope’s is proud of what we offer, the only truly all natural, fruit forward cocktail on the market. The trade-off we accepted when creating these to be a true bar quality cocktail was that our drinks would never be the zero calorie wonder of the science lab that some other companies offer. The Blueberry Lemonade and Mojito are about 170 calories per serving, and the Whiskey Smash is 250. Flaming River is still being tested (a 30 minute casual walk burns roughly 200 calories) So enjoy real cocktails, and then go for a walk with friends.

How much sugar per serving?
We only use American sourced natural cane sugar just as we would use in a bar environment. While all sugars are treated the same way by our bodies, I believe that cane sugar makes for a better cocktail, with a smoother mouth feel. On average, each serving of Pope’s contains roughly 31 grams of natural sugars (for reference a dry gin & tonic is roughly 15 grams of sugar).

Are all Pope’s Cocktails gluten-free?

Why does the Whiskey Smash not say Gluten-Free on the pouch?
“Funny story” with the Whiskey Smash – when the packaging was first approved by the federal government there was a TTB “rule” that anything made from “grain” could not be considered gluten free regardless of the supporting science. Only a few weeks post production of the labels the “rule” was dropped, allowing science to win. Rules and regulations, amirite?!?!?! Always enjoy responsibly (21 years of age or older)!

Is Pope’s still an Ohio brand/company?
The company is based in Cleveland, Ohio, but due to state regulations here in the Buckeye State, it was easier to work with a distillery in Iowa.

So what’s this about Pope’s slushies?!?!
Because our pouches are made with natural ingredients and spirits as opposed to chemicals and malt beverages, if you freeze them they become a slushie! Imagine having a cold slushie for the first nine holes, and a cold cocktail for the back nine! Always enjoy responsibly!

Do the pouches have an expiration date? How good are they after opening?
While we’re pretty sure your Pope’s won’t last long, especially after you open it, as a general rule they are good for 18 months after purchase and seven weeks after opening (make sure you keep open pouches refrigerated).

So the Flaming River…How spicy is that?
Well, it’s not a smoldering stream or a mellow creek. But the pomegranate really adds a sweet dimension to the spice that we think you’ll really enjoy, or find a braver friend to finish! Always enjoy responsibly!

How do I drink this? Right out of the pouch? Over ice?
Sure! There’s actually not a wrong way to drink your Pope’s! (Legal disclaimer – as long as you are over 21 and the drink makes it into your mouth). Try it over ice, mixed with your favorite flavored sparkling water, mulled, or straight! Always enjoy responsibly!

Which one of your cocktails is the sweetest?
You are – for asking such a great question! Just kidding. Like “spicy” (See the Flaming River question), “sweet” is a matter of personal taste. From all the samplings and feedback we’ve gotten, the general rank from most sweet to least is – Blueberry Lemonade, Mojito, Whiskey Smash, and Flaming River.

Got any recipes?
Sure! Although it’s great as is, we have a lot of ways to mix things up. Here’s a few:

Mojito & Hot Chocolate
Whiskey Smash & Cranberry
Whiskey Smash with Strawberries

WOW! That Mojito is Minty!!
Thanks! We use REAL mint! That’s right! To stay true to a classic mojito (rum, mint, lime and cane sugar only), our Mojito is semi-sweet, and mint-forward tasting. Truly refreshing! As always, enjoy responsibly!